Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review of LUSH: Angel's Delight Soap

Lush is an addiction, a love, a passion, and honestly I need an AA program to help me recover, and to stop spending half my paycheck every other week on their site.
Lush is a bath and body product store and online store. Everything is made of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Most of their products are all natural and vegan. None of their products are ever tested on animals. This is sort of what attracts me to their products, the fact that it's chemical free, and no animals were guinea pigged. Oh yeah, and the smell of their products are divine. But I'll mention this further on.
Lush soaps, massage bars, body butters and other items all melt rather quickly. Not melt before your eyes quickly, but fast enough. So when I order their soaps, I cut them into sample sized pieces and use one at a time. I save the rest in a cool dry place, or in the fridge.
If you ever happen to order from expect to wait from 12-15 days for it to ship to you. You can also shop ant any local lush stores if you happen to have one nearby. If not your stuck to shopping online, which stinks because their shipping rates are a bit unfair.
Items will arrived neatly packed and sealed with a kiss (Thats what the label says anyways). Your items should all have an expiration date. Yup thats right, some of Lush's products have an expiration date as to when you should discard the item. However I have never gotten such a thing on any of my items, and I don't know why Lush mentions it, if they don't add it. There should also be the name of the person who handmade your product. Again, I have yet to receive this either. It's a small disappointment, but the products make up for it. Not only that with every order Lush throws in 2 samples of their products. Sometimes though it's as if they don't really look what you ordered and you end up with 2 samples of things you already have. Wake up Lush!
It's a lovely glycerin/cream handmade soap. On the Lush website it is pinkish in color with glitter stars all throughout.
However Lush soaps are cut from the block, so you never know what you're going to get. I for one have never ever gotten the golden ticket; as in angel stars.
My first bar was an all pink glycerin based soap. But my second order of it came in a pink and purple glycerin, with swirls of creamy blue throughout it. The scent thankfully remained the same.
The soap itself it $6.65 for 3.5oz bar.
I cut mine up into sample sized pieces and got nearly 10-12 pieces out of it. Pretty cool!
Lush soaps are known to become very potent once warm water hits them. It's like activating the stink button. But oh the stink is heavenly. I could really understand why Lush would call this one Angel's Delight. It smelled simply delightful. A delicious scent of fruit punch filled the air, and I happily scrubbed away.
In the shower I knew this glycerin based soap would last most likely for only 5-10 minutes and melt away to nothing. However it lasted so long I didn't even have to use the entire thing. So I saved the rest for the next day.
Angel's Delight doe not do such a wonderful job though when it comes to creating a luscious lather. However it did make me feel clean, and it did rinse off without leaving any residue or greasy icky feeling behind.
After my shower was over and done with, I could smell the scent of this fruity goodness surrounding me and sticking with me. The smell lasted for at least 3-4 hours afterward, which is pretty dang good for soap. I never have any soaps scent last with me after a shower. Usually the scent is gone when I'm dry. This is not the case with Angels Delight. This is why I dub this particular soap with a perfect 100% when it comes to Lush soaps.
It's so lovely I'm growing wings.

Review of LUSH - Big Blue Bath Bomb

Big blue is a bath bomb created by Lush. It is an all natural alternative to the chemical baths most people these days are happily soaking in.
I ordered mine online at for $5.40 for a 6.3oz ball. And what a ball it is! It is seriously just as big as a softball, and although some say to cut it in half to save a piece for another time, I found this nearly impossible to do without ruining the bath bomb.
I ran my bath and plopped big blue in, immediately big blue began fizzing and changing my clear bath water to a lovely turquoise color. This beautiful color alone was relaxing. But not only that Big blue let out a subtle scent of herbs. It smelled like pizza herbs mixed with mint.
Just when I though that was all Big Blue had to offer, I began to feel scratchy particles at the bottom of my tub and under my butt. I also noticed black particles floating about in the water. The beautiful blue water was now filled with ghastly particles. Usually when I use bath bombs it makes the water feel silky, smooth, and moisturizing. This was not the case with Big Blue. The water felt the same.
SEAWEED! Thats exactly what was floating all over the tub. I tried to enjoy it seeing how I spend almost $6 on this experience. However it grossed me out too fast and I ended up only soaking in it for a good 10 minutes before hopping out.
I was also disappointed to see that my skin had not felt any more moisturized than when I went into the tub.
On the site I had read that these seaweed particles would easily drain down the tub. So I drained the tub, and went for bed.
The next day my boyfriend comes in and tells me we need a plumber because he sees black worms coming out of the drain. I had to laugh. I knew Big Blue must have left behind a few seaweed particles that didn't go down.
When I went into the bathroom I discovered the mess everywhere. Stuck to the drain, stuck to the edge and bottom of the tub! What a mess! 10 minutes wasted cleaning up the mess. a 20 minute investment, all of which were just a pain in the butt.
I felt like packaging up the seaweed and sending it back to lush and asking for a refund.
Overall I have been satisfied with many of my Lush products, but Big Blue was a huge nasty burn.
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Atlantic Sea Salt Crystals (Sodium chloride), Perfume, Arame Seaweed (Eisenia arborea), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Seaweed Absolute (Fucus vesiculosus), FD&C Blue No. 1, FD&C Yellow No. 5,

Review: Lush Sandstone Soap

I'm sure all of us know the feeling of a gigantic wave washing up on us, tumbling us around like dry clean, and leaving us wet, scratched up, and our bathing suits filled with sand. That gritty feeling is known by almost everyone reading this.
So why would we want that gritty feeling while showering? We wouldn't actually, but thanks a whole lot Lush for making such an awful soap.
A glycerin soap made by Lush, sells on their site for $6.95 for a 3.5oz bar. You can also obtain this soap at any local Lush store. The soap itself is yellow in color with swirls of white soap throughout it. On top it looks as if they dipped the soap into a batter of gritty sand. Thus creating the name, Sandstone.
The soap is used to moisturize the skin, and the sand is added in to give exfoliation. (The removal of dead skin particles)
I would not normally buy a soap with sand in it, but with a recent Lush order they were kind enough to throw it into my box as a free sample. Usually I love free samples, but Sandstone was no treat.
If you are like me, wasting anything that you get for free is a giant NO! So of course I had to put Sandstone to the shower test.
I took my sample with me into the shower, and left it in the soap dish until I was done shampooing and conditioning. I did this to test how long the soap would last in the hot humid area. Most soaps from Lush melt rather quickly. Sandstone however withstood the test of time, and only broke a sweat. I honestly thought it would melt into a pile of goo before I was ready to use it.
I rubbed the bar all around my skin, and the scent hit me pretty fast. It smelled just like Pine Sol, Pledge, and cheap furniture cleaner. It was lemony all right but the lemony scent was not natural. It was chemically and didn't sit well with me.
I went on scrubbing anyway. At first the sand on the top of the bar stood put, however once the soap began to melt I had sand everywhere. I scrubbed lightly because my skin is not used to exfoliation particles in my soap. Within just a few minutes of gentle rubbing, I noticed my skin was becoming irritated and was starting to hurt.
Not only that but there was sand everywhere, but my skin was turning bright red and getting splotchy in areas I had rubbed the soap.
This soap was a mess, and it made me feel gritty and dirty. I find it unusual for a soap to make you feel dirty, but this is exactly what Sandstone did.
I hoped out of the shower disappointed with the soap. Not only that I had particles of soap stuck in 'places'. I had to hop back into the shower and rinse off again.
The soap also did not leave the citrus smell behind on my skin. Usually Lush soaps are known for their potent powerful punch. Sandstone does not punch, it scratches.
Sand, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Stearate, Perfume, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil, Coriander Oil (Coriandrum sativum), Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Editronate, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides).
Sandstone was a nasty rude experience. It hurt like hell, and turned my skin raw. It did not provide any moisturization, all it did was rip at my skin, and leave sand in my bum. If I wanted an experience like this, I would have just layed down on the shores of an ocean and had the waves clobber me, and drag me across the sea floor.
I for one also do not have sensitive skin, but according to Sandstone, I do.
I usually love products from Lush, but with Lush soaps, it's always a hit or miss. For me, Sandstone was a big miss.
Only for those who are used to abrasive painful body exfoliations. Everyone!
If you do happen to take well to abrasive exfoliation, it is recommended to cut you bar into sample sized pieces and store the rest in a cool dry place, or a refrigerator.

Review of LUSH Sultana of Soap

Oh yeah!
Sultana of soap is another handmade cut from the block all natural soap from Lush. I lately have been obsessed with all things Lush. Everything they make is completely unique from items you will find at any regular beauty shop or drug store. The scents are like no other, and best of all Lush does not test on animals. Most products they make are vegetarian as well.
It is not unusual to buy a piece of soap that contains nuts, fruit, sand, vegetables and sea salt. (Sometimes you will even get products containing glitter)
Sultana of soap contains raisins (even though the description failed to mention this), dried out cranberries, currents, and apricot.
My bar however seemed to contain nuts, even though this was not in the description either. The soap itself is white with small particles of crunched currents and apricots. The top of the soap contains a nice little pile of raisins and cranberries. The soap that I got looked similar to the picture I have added, only my bar was misshaped square. Again, I preferred it this way only because it made cutting the soap easier.
Why would I cut the soap?
Well if you have never ordered from Lush before you may not know that their soaps melt quite quickly. When I get my bars I cut them into sample sized pieces ensuring more use from my bar. Out of the 3.5oz bar I get about 8-10 sample sized pieces. I take only one in the shower with me, and the rest I leave in a cool dry place, or I put them in a plastic container and save them in the fridge.
Sultana is a creamy soap, and cutting it was like slicing butter. However some of the cranberries and raisins may fall off of the top while you are cutting your bar, so be gentle!
In the shower Sultana preforms better than most Lush soaps I have used. The lather was nothing to brag about, but compared to other soaps from Lush, it was pretty decent. The lather itself was not luscious or bubbly, but it was more like a lotion type lather. Creamy, but not silky.
The scent really stinks the place up once warm water hits the bar; but in a good way! Most Lush soaps have a very strong overpowering scent, that will last and last for hours. This is what Lush is known for, the soaps with a kick. It's like caffeine for your skin, and the scents last!
With Sultana I could detect the light scent of apricot and almond. Although there is no almonds in it, this was a distinctive scent I could easily detect. It was lovely. I rubbed the bar all over my body, and the raisin particles began to fall to the floor. These raisins surely would not rinse down the drain, so I had a few to pick up after I was done. It was annoying, yes, but the scent really made up for that little problem.
Mainly what I look for in my Lush products is not how well they moisturize, but how long the scent lasts. I can proudly report that the lovely scent will stay with you for hours after using Sultana. The moisturization it gave is nothing to write home about, but it was pretty nice compared to most soaps I have used.
All in all Sultana of soap is a must have from Lush. It has become one of my favorites, and I see myself ordering this over and over again.
Now that you have all of that information, lets talk about where to get a piece of you own.
If you are luck enough to have a Lush store nearby you can easily purchase it there in any ounce size you want. However if you're one of the unlucky ones like me, we have no choice but to order this from the Lush website at The soap itself will cost you $4.95 for a 3.5oz bar.
Shipping rates stink! That's probably the only downside of ordering from Lush. It will cost you $8.20 to have Lush ship to you with standard UPS. It will take anywhere from 10-15 days to get your order to you. The wait is killer, but well worth it in the end.
Honestly though if you're about to make you first purchase from Lush, be sure to add in Sultana; a sure to please soap.
Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Perfume, Dried Apricots (Prunus armeniaca), Dried Currants (Ribes rubrum), Titanium Dioxide, Dried Cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon), Olibanum Oil (Boswella Carterii), Bergamot Oil (Citrus bergamia), Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, EDTA, Tetrasodium Editronate

Review of LUSH Butterfly Bath Bomb

Remember the days when you could waste away afternoons in the spring and summer time with a bug catching net in one hand, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the other? The times when the sandwich went down into the dirt, as you attempted to catch a butterfly?
This was the motivation of Lush's Butterfly Bath Bomb.


For those of you who have never heard of the term, a bath bomb is a ball you place into your tub after the water is filled, or while the water is filling. Once placed into the water it will fizz up releasing aroma, and making the water feel as smooth as silk.
Lush however always goes the extra mile when they make their bath bombs. I have come across bath bombs that have released rose petals, confetti, seaweed, and the most recently butterflies.
Thats right, butterflies. Not real ones, but small butterflies cut from purple and blue fabric with sequins on them. It was quite an interesting treat for me to have my tub filled with little butterflies floating around in the water.
Not only releases fabric glittery butterflies, but it also turned my bath water a beautiful deep colored pink. The smell was intoxicating. It was as if I was running through a flower field, only it was occurring in my bathroom. The water felt smooth and silky, and I basically just layed back, relaxed and took in the lovely scent, and I fumbled around in the water catching butterflies. As I went fumbling around for the butterflies, I also found small dried out pieces of Jasmine flowers floating throughout the water. I was surprised to have this much fun in the bathroom.
Until Lush, baths were usually just a boring routine that consisted of bubble bath powder, and pathetic bath bombs that did nothing but fizz out in 2 seconds. Butterfly Bath Bomb fizzed for a good 5 to 6 minutes before the entire ball was gone.
You too can experience a butterfly bath by picking up a bomb at any local lush, or online at Butterfly is $4.95 for a 3.1oz ball. It's not the largest bath bomb I have used, but for it's smaller size it packs a pinch greater than any 6oz bomb I have ever used. I can compare the size to a tangerine. It's about the correct size if you have a rough time imagining a 3.1oz ball.
The scent of flowers lasted on my skin for about 3 hours after the bath, and I enjoyed the scent up until I fell asleep later on in the night, and my skin felt completely hydrated afterward, eliminating the need for any follow up lotions.
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Jasmine Flowers (Jasminum officinale), Cornflower Petals (Centaurea cyanus), Larkspur Flowers (Delphinium consolida), Everlasting Flower Absolute (Gnaphalium uliginosum), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Benzyl Alcohol, *Geraniol, *Benzyl Benzoate, Citronellol, *Limonene, FD&C Red No. 4, FD&C Red No. 27, FD&C Red No. 33, Fabric Butterfly
All in all, this is a bath bomb from Lush that I would highly recommend. It's a must have for every woman looking to bring release the inner child. Not only that, but children ill have tons of fun with this one.
It is also safe to use this in a jet tub. Butterflies will be left over in the tub after you drain it, but pick up is easy, and worth the experience. The dried out flowers will easily go down the drain.
For a complete look at the bomb and for Lush's item description visit Another Note:
Don't be afraid to order this bomb and any bath bomb from the site. All of my bombs I have ordered have always come in great condition. I feared my bomb would come all chipped up and broken during transit. My fears were eliminated when the bomb arrived. Lush packs their items with care. If however there ever is a problem Lush will always offer you a full refund without an issue.

Review of LUSH the Comforter Bubble Bar

Hollywood here I come...In the bath tub anyways.
Now I'm sure everyone here reading this always wondered how Hollywood created such awesome bubbles in the bathtub for bathroom bath scenes. No matter how much soap and bath powder and doo dads you add in the tub, the bubbles have not even come close to what you see on the movies!
Well say goodbye to bubble baths that pop out and disappear in less than 5 minutes. I have found the new solution, a product that will fill the bathtub with enough bubbles to make any girl go ga-ga.
The Comforter Bubble Bar!
A sweet little treat for any bubble bath lover. I'm sure there are plenty of you wondering what a bubble bar is. Well it's made by Lush, and is designed to be broken up under running water. Within seconds luscious foaming bubbles will fill your entire tub. It is recommended to only use half of your bubble bar during use and to save the other half. Believe me, all you will need is half.
Comforter Bubble bar is a large rectangular shaped bar. It actually reminded me of a strawberry shortcake roll. The bar itself is pink with swirls of white running all around it.
The Comforter Bubble Bar is the larger of bubble bars that Lush offers, so the Comforter bar can be cut into 4 pieces for 4 separate uses. If you add the entire 7oz bar you could end up with more bubbles than you would know what to do with. 1 cut will fill the entire tub for the entire bath, so there is no need to get greedy. Not to mention the fact that The Comforter Bubble Bar costs $8.45, so really you want to get the most out of it.
I cut my bar into 4 pieces and took one section into the bathroom with me. I then crumbled the chunk in my hands under running hot water. The bar crumbles easily, and within seconds my tub filled with tons of luscious thick bubbles. I honestly was not expecting to get much out of this strange concept of a bubble bath, but I was happy to see the results. Not only that but the bubble bar also changed the water a lovely pink color. I could barely see the water though, that is seriously how bubbly it was.
The huge amount of bubbles, the lovely pink colored water, it can't get any better than that...or can it?
YES it can, and it does!
The scent of Comforter was that of candy and flowers. A comforting scent indeed; the name fit this bubble bar well. It reminded me of cotton candy mixed with a touch of honey and wildflowers. The water was also extremely silky and felt nice on my skin. I soaked for about 20 minutes and my bubbles were still standing strong, I felt bad saying goodbye to them as I drained them.
It is a miracle to get 5 minutes out of regular drug store bubble bath product. Lush's bubble bath bars are seriously a product all it's own, and The Comforter Bar is by far the best I have tried yet.
After drying up, the sweet smell of candy stood with me for hours. This is what Lush is famous for, scents that last. Some products may be a dud when it comes to long lasting scents, but The Comforter Bubble Bar lasted, and this is why I give it the two thumbs up seal of approval!
By adding, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Titanium Dioxide, Cocoamide DEA, Bergamot Oil (Citrus bergamia), Cassis Absolute (Ribes nigrum), Cypress Oil (Cupressus sempervirens), *Limonene, *Linalool, D&C Red No. 27, D&C Red No. 33
If you enjoy bubble baths, but are sick and tired of bubbles that die out as soon as you step into the tub, The Comforter Bubble Bar is a must have treat for anyone. Girls, and guys.

Review of LUSH Rock Star Soap

Rock star soap is made by Lush with all natural ingredients. None of that nasty chemical animal fat garbage that is found in many soaps on the market today. Most products made by Lush are vegetarian, and contain no harsh ingredients. Almost all of their soaps are vegan, and not to mention the fact that Lush does not, will not, and has not ever tested on animals. A major plus for us green earth lovers, and those who have a strong belief in animal rights.
Anyways, the Rock star bar is a lovely creamy pink colored soap that is cut from the block. It is a creamy based soap, and therefore does not melt as fast as some of Lush's glycerin based soaps. Don't get me wrong though, it does melt faster than the average bar of soap.
My Rock star bar came sealed with a kiss. (That's what Lush prints on the box anyways) Usually Lush soaps are wrapped in a deli like wrapper with a deli sticker and will have the name of the person who handmade your soap. Also there should be an expiration date. Thats right,I said some soaps expires.
Seeing how Lush makes most of their soaps with real fresh fruits and vegetables, the soaps do expire. However you will use them faster than they can expire, so it's really nothing to worry about.
Everyone who orders soap from Lush should cut them. All you need is a sample sized piece, and the rest you should store away from any heat sources, seeing how they melt quickly.
You cut the soap to ensure many uses from it. And with the Rock star bar being a 3.5oz bar I got about 7 pieces out of it, and stored the rest away in the refrigerator for later use.
Not exactly. Actually when I think of rock stars I imagine the scent of stale cigarettes, liquor, and sweat. Rock star is a girly scent, and smells more like cotton candy and gummy bears than it does anything else. I couldn't wait to put this one to the test and see how well it worked in the shower.
In the shower I brought with me a slice from the bar, and began rubbing it all over. The lather stunk and barely even produced a sud. It was more like applying lotion to my skin. The scent however was very sweet once the warm water hit it. It wasn't overly sweet, but to be honest this bar is something a younger girl would enjoy than me at 25. It's smelled way to strong of candy and I even detected the scent of cherry cough syrup which I was not fond of.
The soap lasted for the entire shower, and I even had some left over to save in the hand soap dish. I'd rather use it on my hands than my body.
After drying up, usually Lush soaps will leave a lovely scent behind on my skin, but Rock star seemed to disappear as soon as I dried up using a towel. Now the towel smells nice, but the scent was gone. The soap didn't leave my skin feeling any moisturization, nor a scent. WHAT A WASTE!
The rest of the bar I gave away to friends and family members to use on their children. It's a scent a grown woman may not like very much. I'd recommend it from 5-19. The scent is just too overpowering of candy and cough medicine in the shower for my likings.
Yeah you'd have to be a rock star to afford this one. You only get 3.5oz of soap, and it doesn't;t do anything for your skin, and the scent does not even last. For $7.60 Rock star is a rip off.
Propylene Glycol, Water (Aqua), Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Stearate, Perfume, Titanium Dioxide, Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Editronate, D&C Red No. 33,
You can buy it any any local Lush store where you can get a larger cut of the soap for a higher price. If you don't have a Lush store by you, order it online at, while you are there though check out Angel's Delight instead.
Those fond of wasting money on soaps that do nothing for your skin, and have a foul cough medicine like scent mixed with candy. Blech! Everyone else; don't even bother with this one.